Friday, May 07, 2010

Heroes 5 Sexiest Women in the Final Fantasy

Of the many characters there are in the Final Fantasy series, there are five female champ who has been hailed as 'sexiest'. Describe their appearance?

This is Beatrix, a general in the army and fighters from all the women of Alexandria. Beatrix has a slender body, and has beautiful brown hair.

Rikku is one of the only figures contained in the Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2. Comes with a versatile clothing was minimal, making Rikku look so sexy.

Character named Selphie is also no less sexy when compared with other figures. Here Selphie seems with a mixture of clothing styles 'school children' (Seifuku) and 'sailors' (Serafuku). This type of costume is often invite the imagination.

Yuna is one female character who simply idolized the players of Final Fantasy. This female character has a slightly different view from others, namely the clothes a little conservative but still inviting desire.

No denying Tifa Lockhart is the most exalted female character of Final Fantasy players. In addition to beautiful, Tifa is also very sexy with clothes appear quite simple.

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