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Vidi Aldiano Profil Biography Sexy Cowok Singer Pop Music New Comer Artist Hot Foto Video Picture

Biodata Vidi Aldiano, profil and biography sexy cowok macho singer pop music hot artist Indonesia :
Full name : Oxavia Aldiano
Nick name/celeb name : Vidi Aldiano
Sex : Male
Religion : Islam
Place of birth : Jakarta, Indonesia
Date of birth : March 29, 1990
Height : 178 cm
Weight : 65 kg
School : Pelita Harapan University Electrical Engineering Department, class of 2008
Hobby : Computer, Photography, Gadget

Oxavia Aldiano is a newcomer singer in universe of Indonesian music. Presence in the Indonesian music scene helped enliven the ranks of solo male singer.

The singer was born in Jakarta, March 29, 1990 this has been known musical childhood. Just be advised, his parents are former filler music event in TVRI. Vidi, as he is called, has even learned to play piano since the age of 3 years.

As a teenager, Pelita Harapan University student majoring in Electrical Engineering is falling like a musical instrument violin. Together with his band, Vidi has had sufficient experience to be reckoned with, namely perform in Java Jazz 2005.

In November 2008, Vidi launched a debut album with the title PELANGI DI MALAM HARI by Nuance Bening single champion.

One of the unique ritual that doing Vidi before a gig is a must to the toilet first and doing relaxation.

Success in the first single Vidi released second single, Status Palsu. If before he released the single recycle, today released a new song he was confident.

Entering the headdress of Ramadan in 2009, Vidi participate enliven with a mini album religion, LELAKI PILIHAN. The album contains six songs, where the three songs sung by him, Keagungan Tuhan, Rindu Rasul (feat Sam Bimbo), and Surga di Bawah Telapak Kaki Ibu, are three remaining sung by her brother, Akbar Vadi Kalamata.

Although considered a newcomer singer, but a rumored Vidi near with Putri Titian sinetron player this, to be reckoned. The reason is in MTV Indonesia Awards 2009 event, held on 25 November, he successfully won the 'Most Favorite Male'.

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