Friday, May 14, 2010

Jupe: Dangdut is the Best for Indonesia

Rapid growth of Indonesian music and many foreign musicians who looked to come to this country. According to Jupe, dangdut remains the best for Indonesia.

"I'm very proud of dangdut music. Dangdut is the best for Indonesia," said Jupe encountered in concert Pitbull, Tennis Indoor Senayan, South Jakarta, Wednesday (05/12/2010) ahead of midnight.

Jupe is candidating as the Regent of Pacitan saw that dangdut music increasingly abandoned. But the singer hits “Belah Duren” did not give up so easily.

Star Movies 'Hantu Jamu Gendong' was sure that if dangdut music will continue to survive in the ground water. Although the pop and rock music genre preferred and the foreign musicians to arrive.

"So did every musical that's got their own fans. The important thing is we are as a singer and musicians of Indonesia do not stop creating," said Jupe.

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