Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Less Demand, 'After Forever Shrek' Still Champion at Box Office

Los Angeles - The fourth sequel Shrek, 'Shrek After Forever', selling less than a third movie, ‘Shrek the Third’. Even so, the film production by DreamWorks is still a winner at the box office.

Being in the top box office, 'Shrek Forever After' reap US$ 71.2 million in its first week released. Revenue achieved the fourth sequel to Shrek is still far below the third sequel to that reached US$ 121.6 million in its first week running.

"This is the lowest for the movie Shrek. But we remain optimistic that this film will remain worldwide," said DreamWorks marketing director, Anne Globe, like-reported by Ace Showbiz, Monday (05/24/2010).

Iron Man 2, which last week ousted warlords Shrek Forever After, had to settle for second ranked at the box office. Big screen, starring Robert Downey Jr. was reached US$ 26.6 million from ticket sales this weekend.

Following below Iron Man 2, there is Robin Hood who was sitting in third place box office. After failing to win the box office, this week Ridley Scott film that claim their income decreases. On this week's Robin Hood only managed to collect US$ 18.7 million.

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