Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Prosecutor: Possess of XX Chromosomes, Alter is Really Women

Sutikno, the Chief Public Prosecutor, the case of data falsification authentic case Alterina Hofan, revealed evidence that points to the fact Alter is female. Genetic data also proved Alter has XX chromosomes as female or really women.

"The question at the time investigated in the judiciary, also signed the minutes of the study suspect, that the contents of sex in women but she brackets (Alter) pose as a man," said Sutikno in the District Court of South Jakarta, Monday, May 24, 2010.

Second, continued Sutikno, in the letter sending the dossier submitted the Polda Metro to District Attorney, Alter has also written sexes in the same way. "She is the female defendant, in parentheses men confessed," said Sutikno.

Yet a third, according to the letter from the expert evidence through DNA tests, said Sutikno, clearly stating the defendant assorted women. DNA test results, further explained 'was detected with the perfect' and the conclusion 16 marker genes to form XX.

"It means women. If it's XY male, XX is female, XXY was double or no deformity. XX DNA test results, means pure woman," said Sutikno.

Alterina Hofan become accused, and snared with the article: Article 266 paragraph 1, Article 263 paragraph 1 and paragraph 2 of the Criminal Code (KUHP) concerning counterfeit letters. The threat of punishment against Alter maximum seven years in prison.

This case occurs when Alter which formally has sex as female marries a woman named Jane Deviyanti on September 9, 2008. Jane family then reported Alter to the police on suspicion of counterfeiting a letter to pose as a man to marry Jane. This falsification allegedly committed in a village office in South Jakarta. The case is then up to the court.

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