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Raffi Ahmad Profil Biography Sexy Man Actor and Presenter TV Hot Artist Foto Video Bugil

Biodata Raffi Ahmad, profil and biography sexy man presenter TV hot artist Indonesia :
Full name : Raffi Faridz Ahmad
Nick name/celeb name : Raffi Ahmad
Sex : Male
Religion : Islam
Place of birth : Bandung, West Java, Indonesia
Date of birth : February 17, 1987
Weight : 61 kg
Height : 172 cm

Raffi Ahmad who has the full name Raffi Faridz Ahmad was born in Bandung, West Java, February 17, 1987, was the emcee, actor and singer who came from Indonesia.

Eldest of three brothers pair Munawar Ahmad (alm) and Amy Qanita this began his career as an actor. Until recently, Raffi has been involved in numerous sinetron, FTV and movies. In addition to being an actor, Raffi develop his career became a star advertising, presenter and singer.

Starting from the first supporting roles in the sinetron, Tunjuk Satu Bintang, Raffi skyrocketed in Senandung Masa Puber where he become the main character with Bunga Citra Lestari. After that, Raffi continually appeared in sinetron and teen FTV even movies.

In the end 2006, musician Melly Goeslaw held a casting for vocal group Bukan Bintang Biasa, better known as BBB. This project is devoted to sinetron players Indonesian teenage. Of the many sinetron player an audition, finally elected Raffi along with Laudya Chintya Bella, Chelsea Olivia Wijaya, Dimas Beck and Ayushita. Their first single, Let's Dance Together well received in the market. BBB later starred in a movie film called Bukan Bintang Biasa The Movie, directed by Lasja Fauzia. BBB back with a new single album titled Bukan Bintang Biasa a very popular teen. Raffi with Ayushita duet in the song Jangan Bilang Tidak become next single album.

In 2008, Raffi acting career more shine. This versatile actor to appear in the movie film by Rudi Soejarwo director Liar and Asoy Geboy. And toss his name today is music program Dahsyat that brought together two multi-talented artist Luna Maya and Olga Syahputra. At the end of the year, Raffi along with BBB launched a new single titled Putus Nyambung, and apparently getting good response in the market. This is at once dismissed the notion that the BBB only vocal group momentarily.

In 2009, Raffi mentioned as one of the best-selling artist currently thanks to Dahsyat program increasingly establish himself in the field presenting. Dahsyat addition, Raffi also present in two new programs that Rafi Wkwkwk and OMG that pair it with Olga Syahputra back. But Raffi is also still exist in the world of acting. Playing on a few titles FTV, sinetron Buku Harian Baim to sitcom OKB also fro until today. In addition Raffi also came back with a new single Johan (Jodoh Di Tangan Tuhan) in which he duets with Laudya Chintya Bella. They come with a name RaBel or Raffi / Bella.

In addition to a brilliant career, Raffi did not escape the news affair with fellow artists. Starting from Laudya Chintya Bella, Bunga Zainal, Ratna Galih, Tyas Mirasih, and Velove Vexia. Raffi is now the subject of warm discussion in the media regarding the relationship with nostalgia singer Yuni Shara that 15 years old on it.

Raffi, initially reluctant to share stories about the relationship with Yuni Shara finally go public in some talk show like Just Alvin, Online and Bukan Empat Mata. On February 26 at the event Dahsyatnya Award 2010, Raffi appear together by Yuni Shara in a medley of songs Johan and Kucari Jalan Terbaik.

Too dense Raffi activities as presenter and sinetron player, Raffi has recently rejected an offer wide-screen movie titled Ahmad Dahlan by Hanung Bramantyo director.

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