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Ressa Herlambang Profil Biography Sexy Man Pop R&B Singer and Dancer Hot Artist Foto Video Picture

Biodata Ressa Herlambang, profil and biography sexy man macho singer hot artist Indonesia :
Full name : Ressa Herlambang
Nick name/celeb name : Ressa Herlambang
Sex : Male
Place of birth : Jakarta, Indonesia
Date of birth : April 18, 1985

Ressa Herlambang known as R & B singer and dancer. However, men born in Jakarta, 18 April 1985 prefer pop music track, as his farm.

The former lover of Nia Ramadhani this a nickname as Justin Timberlake of Indonesia. Ressa never got the nickname as Best Male R & B singer and never entered the Asia Bagus music scene in 1999.

The first debut album Ressa was issued in 2004, through the album DIARY OF LIFE (2004), and continued on his second album, RESSA HERLAMBANG (2005).

Ressa latest album, ITS REAL ME still carry the flow of R & B. In this album, it involves musicians, like Jocky Soeryoprayogo, Tohpati, Pay BIP, Dewiq dan Iwang Noorsaid, which is known as the senior musicians.

In addition, Ressa also held a dance talent competition called DANCE WITH ME, the future of the event selected ten dancers.

Not long out the album, Ressa was busy with a job on the side. It's not heavy work, but he chose to channel their knowledge in the field of event organizer. He became chairman of the committee shows Celebrities Exhibition Furniture Show in 2009.

Ressa had a relationship with Andhisa Paramitha, a newcomer singer and had even engaged. However, this relationship eventually foundered.

In late 2009, the name Ressa was mentioned related fraud cases, no amount of playing up to Rp400 million. This event began from his family business project undertaken by her mother with Mediatama company. Currently Ressa and family are doing negotiation with the company re Mediatama. Ressa ensure that he and his family will not run away from this problem and will be responsible.

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