Thursday, June 17, 2010

Controversy Newest Video Clip “Alejandro”: Lady Gaga Eats Rosary

Los Angeles - Talk about Lady Gaga like to have no end. This time, turn the newest clips video, entitled 'Alejandro' reap the religious controversy and free sex.

Many things are being discussed in the latest Lady Gaga’s video clip, 'Alejandro'. Like fashion, choreography until the property is used.

Starting from the styles of dresses, Lady Gaga seen using a variety of costumes. Starting from the nuns in red robes to the nude-colored underwear. In this video clip Lady Gaga also seen wearing a bra with the muzzle of the weapon.

In the video claim old photographer, Steven Klein, seen some choreography that describes the activities of couples who are intimate with harshly. The director is known to include elements of 'fetish' into his creative work.

Not finished at that, various properties which are used a lot of attention, such as religious symbols. "The symbolism of religion is not meant to indicate something negative, but it is a character in a battle between dark forces of the world with spiritual salvation," says the director told Fashionologie, Thursday (17/06/2010).

At the end of the clip, Lady Gaga choose to become nun and pulled herself from the inner world of evil and went to prayer and contemplation. Klein also said that the scene Lady Gaga eats rosary necklaces are intended to represent a desire to be holy.

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