Thursday, June 17, 2010

Foto Jesika with "Hantu Gost Pocong" expected results of editing

Jakarta - Foto Jesika (5) with ‘hantu-ghost pocong’ moreover horrendous the Muaraenim society, South Sumatra, allegedly the result of engineering. The photo suspected editing processes have been earlier.

Abhimanyu Wachjoehidajat multimedia practitioner see many games Image Smudging around image "hantu-ghost pocong" it.

"I zoom into a ghost image pocong, from sides pocong many Image Smudging, refined image. It could be the different images together," said the man who is familiarly called Abah was in talks with on Thursday (17/06/2010).

Furthermore, when viewed from the side of logic, according to Abah, the image foto is not reasonable. Logically if someone took the photos to the child, must focus on the child's photo.

"Well, this is a little focus to the child, the child only half body photo and head. In fact, the 'ghost pocong' more, as if the photographer was taking pictures 'ghost pocong'," said Abah.

However, to ensure that photo is editing result or not, Abah need to see the original photo. From the original photo will be known meta-data such as when shooting done and the camera settings, etc.. But unfortunately, find the original photo is not cheap case. Because since become many talk in the Muaraenim, the image is spread through bluetooth and e-mail.

Foto Jesika (5) taken by a friend using the camera handphone. It was her friend's HP. Jesika's father is upset with the photo worry about the safety of his child.

The Muaraenim Police intervened immediately to calm residents. He asked the public to remain calm because the image is not necessarily original.
"I also ask people not troubled by the emergence of the photograph," said police Chief of Muaraenim AKBP H Yohannes.

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