Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hot Video Reason: Ariel, Luna Maya & Cut Tari Forbidden Show in Bandung

Bandung - Following the denial of a hot video like Ariel, Luna Maya and Cut Tari, a rejection of them keep coming. A number of organizations proscribe three artists that appear in Bandung.

Approximately 50 people from the Islamic Movement Organization Alliance rally in Bandung, Bandung Parliament Building, Thursday (17/06/2010). They declared unlawful for ex Ariel Peterpan to perform in Bandung.

Mass composed of various Islamic organizations, such as FPI Bandung, Bandung Front Muslims, the Islamic Reformist Movement (Garis) Bandung.

"We of the Islamic movement, forbids Ariel to appear in Bandung, and also to Luna Maya and Cut Tari. They have tarnished the good name of the city of Bandung, and the news is already spreading to overseas," said Representative Alliance, Suryana Nur Fatwa on the sidelines action.

According to Suryana, behavior similar to the three artists who are actors in a porn video is not praiseworthy action. "It was behavior that was clearly unlawful. We forbid the owner and keep the video," he said.

They brought a number of poster Ariel, Luna Maya, and Cut Tari. Even for a photo of Ariel with the horns picture that reads 'stoning, catching, Bandung “forbidden” to demon Ariel'. While three of them in the huddle photo is written “Bandung Unlawful For Adulteress, and the Whore Like Them“.

In addition to refuse coming the third of the artists to Bandung, they also reject alcohol, pornography, and opposing motorcycle gang in the city of Bandung.