Thursday, June 17, 2010

Miley Cyrus' new image sexy is stamped cheap

Los Angeles - Images embedded in a sweet girl Miley Cyrus who skyrocketed thanks to Disney series, “Hannah Montana”. With new images now, Miley instead of cheap stamped.

17-years-old girl remodel her image become more mature in her new album, 'Can’t Be Tamed'. With music that is also much different, Miley began to dare to wear sexy clothes.

Even in video clip of the single “Can’t Be Tamed”, Miley looks sexy with a corset and hot pants. Star 'The Last Song' was also wearing black boots to add a sexy impression. Even some time ago Miley kissing lips female dancers on stage.

"I'm not trying to look cheap. I'm not trying to like girl who go to clubs and meet men. What I'm trying to do is for my records and look consistent with the model track and how to dress," Miley said, quoted by The Sun, Thursday ( 17/06/2010).

Beloved actor Liam Hemsworth was just trying to customize the appearance with her music. Wearing a mini dress to make Miley feel more free to move on stage.

"I am very comfortable with my body, I am training hard to stay fit and know what I can use to become more comfortable," said Miley.

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