Wednesday, June 16, 2010

No signs of Ariel intend to marry Luna Maya

Bandung – Hot video similar to Ariel and Luna Maya is still a conversation in all circles of society. However, there has been no sign of intention Ariel to marry Luna Maya.

According to the Office of Religious Affairs (KUA) Cicadas, Bandung, until now Ariel has not come into the office to convey the intention of holding Luna toward the aisle.

“There is no Ariel submitted to marry Luna Maya,” said Staff KUA Cicadas, Juanda, when being met reporters in his office, Antapani Road, Wednesday (16/06/2010).

Based on Ariel domicile residence located at Jalan Tanjung Sari, Bandung, means Ariel registered as residents in Antapani District. When he intend to marry within or outside the city of Bandung, Ariel must be recorded at KUA Cicadas.

"Cicadas KUA serves residents throughout the District Antapani who want to get married. So if people want to get married there, then the citizens must be recorded by us," Juanda.

Juanda adds, if he is Ariel intend to marry outside the city of Bandung, KUA Cicadas should know. In addition, Ariel must also convey information about the status of the district which was later given to the KUA.

"For example Ariel married outside the city of Bandung, Ariel had to come to us. It should not be delegated. Later, KUA Cicadas will submit letters of recommendation to be forwarded to KUA where the bride is domiciled," Juanda said.

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