Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Presenter Choky Sitohang gets married this week

Presenter Choky Sitohang will marry his girlfriend Melissa Aryani on June 18 next. Emcee 'Take Me Out' that will marry his girlfriend with a dowry white gold ring diamond throne.

"I give white gold diamond ring," said Choky accompanied Melissa when found in the House 76, Kav.76 S. Parman road, West Jakarta, Friday (06/12/2010) night.

Choky recalled, his marriage with his girlfriend will be using a modern and elegant concept. But the player the movie 'Sang Dewi' will also be combined with traditional Batak.

"I use modern Batak traditional. Batak clothes nuanced, but no indigenous Batak complete because the time was not enough," added Choky that the work schedule is always crowded.

28 years-old man was also revealed that one day after they were married, he had a job waiting.

"Tomorrow I have to be a wedding MC into another person. Funny how, just when the MC that I've become a husband," said Choky, laughing.

Wedding bells are finally ringing for presenter Choky Sitohang, who has just announced he will marry his girlfriend this week.

Choky, 28, said the lucky girl was Melissa Aryani, his girlfriend for more than four years.

“The wedding will take place on Friday, June 18,” said Choky as quoted by newsportal “We’ve been together for four years and four months now.”

He decided to marry Melissa because he believes she is the person he wants to spend the rest of his life with, he said, not because they had been dating for so long.

“I met Caca (short of Melissa) when I started my career (in the entertainment industry),” said the former TV reporter who now hosts dating show Take Me Out Indonesia and Happy Song. “She’s loyal, and I’d actually planned to marry her two years ago.”

Choky first met Melissa in a youth group event held by a church. Just one month after, Choky said, they officially announced they were a couple.

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