Thursday, June 24, 2010

Shandy Aulia engaged to Dave Laksono and ready for marriage at a young age

Jakarta – Actress Shandy Aulia officially become engaged to the youngest son Agung Laksono, Dave Laksono. Shandy also claim to be ready for marriage at a young age with Dave.

"Yes, my dream was actually married at the age of 23 years," said Shandy met in Gandaria Resident, Jl Hidup Baru, Cipete, South Jakarta, Wednesday (06/23/2010) night.

Tonight, Shandy celebrates 23rd her birthday. Any event more special, because Dave is official proposed. Both parents of Dave attended also gave his blessing.

"On this night I attended with my parents to officially acquaintances, to apply and propose Shandy. Thanks be accepted without any flaw," said Dave.

Happy hue can not hide them. Although the application goes smoothly, they claimed to have not determined the date of marriage. The wedding are still in plans.

Shandy said that knowing Dave in a show about eight months ago. Movie star 'Eifell I'm in Love' confessed comfortable with Dave and firmly choose the man who nine years older than her was as a prospective husband.

"Shandy was very caring with me. Even to this very detailed so considered. It means she is caring with me, but added she would be better adults," explained Dave.