Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sherina Munaf Become Maybelline New York Icons

Jakarta - The young singers from Indonesia, Sherina Munaf, 20 years old, was elected as an icon of beauty products Maybelline New York. This is the first Indonesian artist selected by iconic product Maybelline - Maybelline previously using an international star.

"The figure Sherina multitalented, independent, and inspiring describes portrait of a Maybelline girl an active, vibrant and beautiful all day," said Marketing Manager for Maybelline New York Mitzy Cassandra at Portico, Senayan City, Jakarta, on Wednesday last week.

By Mitzy, Maybelline New York to see that Indonesia is a potential target market enough so that selecting an icon from Indonesia. Before choosing Sherina, Maybelline make selection and survey for six months. Looking ahead, Sherina represents Maybelline New York to promote the products to various regions in Indonesia through a road show.

Sherina is very enthusiastic when she received the offer. "I am very proud to be elected," she said. Sherina has just returned from Hong Kong along with icons from Thailand and the United States for the filming of the ad. "Sherina's face will appear on the Maybelline ads all over Indonesia, but did not rule out the possibility of international advertising," said Mitzy.

Maybelline New York is the first cosmetic product that introduced the first modern mascara in the United States in 1917. In addition to the mascara, Clear Smooth Press Powder became its leading products. The target market who want to achieve this cosmetic product is an active young women aged 15-34 years.

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