Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Take a peep the business of Luna Maya

Luna Maya is not the type of artist who hooked her money. Rather than dissipate, Luna would prefer to use money from the sweat away from the entertainment world for venture capital. Let's peek the business of Luna Maya.

Together with her manager, Vitalia Ramona, 26-year-old woman was making an artist management, Malka Artha. Some of the artist and the model also has joined with Malka Artha. In fact, Ariel Cs and singer Nadia is part of the management.

In addition to artist management, Luna also penetrated the fashion world. Working together with one of the local brands, Hardware, Luna Maya released LM For Hardware.

Until recently, few outlets LM For Hardware even been opened. Among other things, in Tebet Junction, Pondok Indah Mall, Plaza Palace Bandung and Ciputra Mall Semarang.

Uniquely from LM For Hardware products, Luna Maya using the names of islands in Indonesia in the colonial era, such as Dewata, Swarnadwipa and Borneo to differentiate its product design. Jeans and T-shirt became the mainstay products LM For Hardware.

In addition to two businesses that have been mentioned above, Luna is pioneering F & B business. Some time ago, Luna released Envy, a lounge in Bandung, West Java. Not only Envy, women born in Bali on August 26, 1983 was also one of the cafe owner's Pride.

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