Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Trio Macan: Lia resigned as personnel from vocal group

Jakarta - Dangdut vocal group, Trio Macan is undergoing disintegration. One of its personnel, Lia Ladysta or Lia, officially resigned.

The resignation was announced by Junie Rakhmat, director of Pro Active to reporters at his office, Jalan Puter IV Block ED IV No.18, Bintaro, Tangerang, on Tuesday (22/06/2010). According to Junie, since its establishment, vocal group from East Java that has repeatedly pairs unloading personnel.

"That is who resigned was Lia. The original personnel, Dian and Ifa back again. Because that hold the copyrights and brand of Trio Macan are our (ProAktif). Lia has no right to use the name Trio Macan," said Junie.

Dian and Ifa admit regret very much out of Lia from the vocal group who skyrocketed its name through the 'SMS'. Moreover, they have together building Trio Macan for approximately seven years. But, whatever be the choice Lia, Ifa and Dian think it's the best decision.

"Well maybe we've got each other's life choices. So, I can only pray mbak Lia hopefully be successful. The point we are mutual support to each other," said Junie.

The cause of the departure from the Trio Macan Lia is not known clearly. It's just another Trio Macan crew claimed there never was a problem with Lia.

"With us there's never a problem. Maybe she's feeling better," concluded Junie.