Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Juliette Binoche Best Actress at the 63rd Cannes

Cannes Film Festival successfully held for the 63rd time on Sunday (05/23/2010). Juliette Binoche had won an award for Best Actress.

As quoted from the official site of Cannes Film Festival, Monday (24/05/2010), Juliette who is now 46 years old, received the award through her role as Elle in the movie 'Certified Copy'. The movie is a movie plots Iranian director Abbas Kiarostami origin.

French actress Juliette is a considerable achievement in the international arena. In fact, in 1996 and then, she ever got the award for Best Supporting Actress at the Academy Awards through her role in 'The English Patient'.

Meanwhile, the award for Best Actor achieved by Javier Bardem and Elio Germano. Bardem gets the award by his role in 'Biutiful', and Germano is thank his act in 'Our Life'.

Award Palme d'Or for short film category went to 'Barking Island' which worked by Serge Avedikian. And, the short film 'Bathing Mickey' Frida's work succeeded in bringing home Kempff Jury Prize award.

Thailand Film Triumphed at Cannes

Shock occurred at the Cannes Film Festival 63rd be held on Sunday (05/23/2010). For the first time, film production Thailand triumphed in one of the most prestigious film festival that.

As quoted from the official website of the Cannes Film Festival, Monday (24/05/2010), 'Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives' was awarded the Palme d'Or. Horror fantasy genre film by Apichatpong Weerasethakul is tilled, the director from Thailand.

"It's like another world for me. I thank to the spirits and ghosts in Thailand which all this becomes reality I can stand here," says Apichatpong Weerasethakul.

The Grand Prix, the award for the second champion fell to the 'Of Gods and Men', directed by Xavier Beauvois. Meanwhile, 'A Screaming Man', a film set in the civil war claim Mahamat-Saleh Haroun successfully reached the Jury Prize.

Mathieu Amalric, the French actor managed to get a Best Director award. Award to Mathieu provided by star of 'Twilight', Kristen Stewart, who was promoting her new movie there.

United Iranian Director Protest Jafar Panahi Arrests

Detention famous Iranian director, Jafar Panahi, continues to receive strong protest. After protesting the Hollywood circles, is now director of Iran are united to protest the detention of his colleague.

A total of 85 Iranian director was protesting the detention of Panahi via an open letter to the Iranian government. The director was calling himself as an independent director. "We signed this letter to request absolve Panahi from prison," they wrote in the petition as quoted by Contactmusic, Monday (05/23/2010).

Panahi was imprisoned on March 1 last. He was arrested, along with children, his wife and his guests at his home for no obvious reason. Wife and children and their guests of Panahi had been largely freed. But the director who is often vocal against the Iranian government was still detained in Evin prison in Tehran.

On May 17 last, Panahi protest his detention. He demanded the right to obtain attorney assistance. He also requested the right to be able to get a visit from family. And of course Panahi also urged the release.

Panahi known for his films which won numerous international awards. Film 'The White Balloon', by Panahi, won the Camera d'Or prize at the Cannes Film Festival. The Guardian also enter this film in the list of 50 Best Family Films of All Time. While the film entitled 'The Circle' wins top award in Venice Film Festival.

The demand that Panahi release had previously voiced by the film maker Hoolywood. Actor Robert DeNiro, director Martin Scorsese and Steven Spielberg, has signed a petition for exemption Panahi.

In Cannes film festival, the exemption Panahi also urged by the French actress Julliette Binoche and director of Iran Abbas Kiarostami.

Less Demand, 'After Forever Shrek' Still Champion at Box Office

Los Angeles - The fourth sequel Shrek, 'Shrek After Forever', selling less than a third movie, ‘Shrek the Third’. Even so, the film production by DreamWorks is still a winner at the box office.

Being in the top box office, 'Shrek Forever After' reap US$ 71.2 million in its first week released. Revenue achieved the fourth sequel to Shrek is still far below the third sequel to that reached US$ 121.6 million in its first week running.

"This is the lowest for the movie Shrek. But we remain optimistic that this film will remain worldwide," said DreamWorks marketing director, Anne Globe, like-reported by Ace Showbiz, Monday (05/24/2010).

Iron Man 2, which last week ousted warlords Shrek Forever After, had to settle for second ranked at the box office. Big screen, starring Robert Downey Jr. was reached US$ 26.6 million from ticket sales this weekend.

Following below Iron Man 2, there is Robin Hood who was sitting in third place box office. After failing to win the box office, this week Ridley Scott film that claim their income decreases. On this week's Robin Hood only managed to collect US$ 18.7 million.

Orlando Bloom Be Villain in 'The Three Musketeers' Movie

Los Angeles - Reasons actor Orlando Bloom will leave the 'Pirates of the Caribbean 4' began to unfold. Orlando seem to prefer to play it in 'The Three Musketeers' rather than assisting in the movie starring Johnny Depp.

As quoted by Contact Music, Tuesday (25/05/2010), Orlando Bloom has recently signed contracts to appear in the latest version of 'The Three Musketeers'. The actor who is now 33-year-old agreed to play the Duke of Buckingham, an antagonistic character in the film claim Paul W. S. Anderson's.

In the film, Orlando will be performing with the star 'Inglorious Basterds', Christoph Waltz which acts as Cardinal Richelieu. Meanwhile, Logan Lerman ready to act as D'Artagnan. Then, the character of Athos, Porthos and Aramis played by Matthew Macfadyen, Ray Stevenson and Luke Evans.

Beautiful actress Milla Jovovich will also take part in the film. Starring Alice in the series 'Resident Evil' was featured as M'lady De Winter.

'The Three Musketeers' must still be adapted from the novel by Alexandre Dumas in 1844. The plan, the film will release next year.

Kendra Wilkinson Hot Video Sold Well

Los Angeles – Hot video former Playboy model Kendra Wilkinson was popular in the US. In fact, the video of Kendra reservation already defeated hot video sales figures of socialite Kim Kardashian.

As quoted by Contact Music, Monday (05/24/2010), although not yet officially released, "Kendra Exposed 'have become hits in the country, Uncle Sam. The video of Kendra was showing when she still 18-year-old and pass up the hot scenes with her boyfriend Justin Frye.

The video was sold to Vivid Entertainment, one of the largest porn company in the United States at a price of US$ 100 thousand. Meanwhile, Kendra will receive a 50 percent gain from the sale of 'Kendra Exposed'.

At first, Kendra who is now 24 years old, refused videos are sold. But, after realizing 'Kendra Exposed' has the potential for substantial money, Kendra decided to negotiate with Vivid.

Kendra who was born June 12, 1985, beginning her career in the entertainment world in 2004 and then as a model in Playboy magazine. She also could be a Hugh Hefner girlfriend.

Prosecutor: Possess of XX Chromosomes, Alter is Really Women

Sutikno, the Chief Public Prosecutor, the case of data falsification authentic case Alterina Hofan, revealed evidence that points to the fact Alter is female. Genetic data also proved Alter has XX chromosomes as female or really women.

"The question at the time investigated in the judiciary, also signed the minutes of the study suspect, that the contents of sex in women but she brackets (Alter) pose as a man," said Sutikno in the District Court of South Jakarta, Monday, May 24, 2010.

Second, continued Sutikno, in the letter sending the dossier submitted the Polda Metro to District Attorney, Alter has also written sexes in the same way. "She is the female defendant, in parentheses men confessed," said Sutikno.

Yet a third, according to the letter from the expert evidence through DNA tests, said Sutikno, clearly stating the defendant assorted women. DNA test results, further explained 'was detected with the perfect' and the conclusion 16 marker genes to form XX.

"It means women. If it's XY male, XX is female, XXY was double or no deformity. XX DNA test results, means pure woman," said Sutikno.

Alterina Hofan become accused, and snared with the article: Article 266 paragraph 1, Article 263 paragraph 1 and paragraph 2 of the Criminal Code (KUHP) concerning counterfeit letters. The threat of punishment against Alter maximum seven years in prison.

This case occurs when Alter which formally has sex as female marries a woman named Jane Deviyanti on September 9, 2008. Jane family then reported Alter to the police on suspicion of counterfeiting a letter to pose as a man to marry Jane. This falsification allegedly committed in a village office in South Jakarta. The case is then up to the court.

Miss Indonesia 2010 Prepare 4 New Category

Annual Event Miss Indonesia beauty contest was held back. In the year 2010, has prepared four new categories of additional trophies.

Four categories was Miss Beautiful Skin, Miss Beautiful Face, Miss Innovation and Miss Beautiful Hair. In addition, there are categories of Miss Favorite and Miss Friendship is a category each year.

"All of the new category was not chosen via SMS. So was Miss Friendship all through the judging process. Unless Miss Favorite," said Dicky Sadikin Ahmad, Official Miss World Productions found at the Hard Rock Cafe, Plaza EX, Central Jakarta, Monday (24 / 5 / 2010).

The final event will be held on Tuesday, June 1st, 2010 in Central Park, Grogol, West Jakarta. There were 33 finalists have been drawn from auditions in D.I. Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Manado, Makassar, Medan, Denpasar, Bandung and Jakarta.

"There will be three assessments. Modelling, sports and talent. Later they were asked to follow-up volleyball or a relay race to train co-operation within the team," explained Rudy Ramawi, Project Director Miss Indonesia.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Kajol Not Confidence Exhibition Pregnant Belly

Shows a pregnant belly has become a trend in Hollywood. That action pioneered by Demi More that followed other actresses such as Britney Spears and the latest Claudia Schiffer. But that trend was not applicable in Bollywood.

Bollywood actresses are still reluctant to show their bellies are getting bigger in front of the camera. This is such an experienced Kajol Devgan is expecting their second child.

As reported by bollywoodmantra.com, Friday (05/21/2010), star of 'My Name is Khan' was objected when a photographer focuses the camera into her stomach. 34-year-old actress was asked to focus on the face compared to the stomach.

This happens when the wife of actor Ajay Devgan was undergoing photography session an anti-aging cream at Mehboob studio, Mumbay, India. When it was Kajol who was accompanied by her mother, Tanuja, look pretty with a loose black dress.

"While shooting for an ad, Kajol was reluctant to stay long at all to be there because her stomach is getting bigger. She politely asks the team photographer to take pictures of her face, "said one eyewitness.

"Kajol looks very pretty with a loose black dress worn with a specific reason for it," continued the witness.

"Agora" Film: Ballad of the First Women Philosopher

"Synesius, you do not question what you believe. I have to question" (Hypatia, Agora, 2009)

History is like a spiral: it is always repeated but always forward. Agora, Alejandro Amenabar recent work ('The Others' and 'Sea Inside') proves it: the phenomenon of violence in the name of religion, authoritarian and totalitarian that apply, and ultimately the destruction of science and humanity.

The story focuses on Hypatia (played brilliantly by Rachel Weisz, who was conceived by the director since the development of the scenario), the first woman philosopher in history who taught philosophy, mathematics, and astronomy in Alexandria, Egypt now under the Roman empire. She has a tremendous passion for philosophy, science, and equal rights. All-male student and later, some have important positions.

Then there came the "owner of the truth": the Christians who began to move to spread the dogma. In the name of God, they attack other beliefs, the pagan and Jewish, with blindly. For them, everyone should accept their version of truth, and there is no other possibility.

So, open-minded, tolerant, and coexist closed already. No more the spirit of mutual deserved and respect for other beliefs. And for those who already surf the internet, will know that Hypatia will end tragically.

In the matter of "the owner of the truth" who impose their own truth, we can easily replace the “Christian” with any other ideology, whatever it is: Islam, Judaism, Zionism, Communism, Fascism. All of the totalitarian and authoritarian, and all ideologies that puberty, from the far left, far right, even the most middle! We can also change the context with the present, or at any age.

Any distinctions between the characters so sharply. Hypatia was so in love with science; the Christians burning books “infidels”, something we also see in 'Dances with Wolves' or 'Destiny' (an Egyptian movie about Ibnu Rusyd). And of course, the fact that she is a woman in the soul era who believed that women were only half of men, it is very difficult for him.

During the nearly 130 minutes, Amenabar is able to make-believe world of Egypt in their 4th century BC with a pretty convincing. Of course, the film is embellished by a triangle love story, between Hypatia with the nobility of his student (Orestes) and slave (Davus). And let us return to those days, and accept whatever naivete very modern at the time, such as the belief that the earth was the center of the galaxy.

Substitute Candidate of Megan Fox in “Transformers 3”

Hollywood - Sexy actress Megan Fox decided to leave the cultivation of 'Transformers 3'. Now, several strong candidates for a replacement name Megan in the film working of Michael Bay began to appear.

As quoted from The Wrap, Friday (05/21/2010), reportedly, actress of Gemma Arterton to be one candidate. However, to get the main role of women in “Transformers 3”, Gemma has to compete with lingerie model Miranda Kerr and Bar Rafaeli.

At this time, Gemma Arterton is still the main choice Michael Bay. 24-year-old woman was judged to have more acting experience than the two models. Previously, she successfully passed her role as a Bond girl in 'Quantum of Solace' and 'Clash of the Titans'. In the 'Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time', then she received the lead role.

Gemma Arterton addition, Miranda Kerr and Bar Refaeli, several other names mentioned are following also casting 'Tranformers'. Among other things, Hayden Panettiere, Camilla Belle, Ashley Greene and star of 'High School Musical', Vanessa Hudgens.

After Megan Fox leave, Bay and screenwriter of Ehren Kruger plans to replace the film's plot. Bay was mentioned want to display a new lover of Sam Witwicky who is still played by Shia LaBeouf, as a refresher.

Wondering who will replace Megan Fox? Just wait, “Tranformers 3” ready to be released in July 2011.

Two Star 'Twilight' Request for Increased Salaries, Threatened Fired

Two star of “Twilight”, Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz, threatened fired and did not join the film's shooting the fourth series “Breaking Dawn”. Starring Alice Cullen and Emmet Cullen ask for their salary increases.

But now the dispute has been settled about salary by Summit Entertainment, a production house that makes Twilight. After a week of tense negotiations enough, Greene and Luzt salary increase was approved.

Reported by the Hollywood Reporter, Friday (05/21/2010), Lutz and Greene will get a raise. They will be paid US$ 1.25 million for their performances in “Breaking Dawn”.

Actual payment of US$ 1.25 million, still far from demand Lutz and Greene. Previously they have paid about US$ 2-4 million. Although not as expected, found that salaries remained the now bigger than their salary in the previous three movies, 'Twilight,' 'New Moon' and 'Eclipse'.

Twilight movie about the fourth series, “Breaking Dawn”, reportedly Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner was preparing to start filming. Only, until now it is not certain whether the last movie “Twilight” that will be made into two parts or not, remember the story long enough.

Drew Barrymore will Direct the Sequel Film “Wizard of Oz”

Drew Barrymore is rumored to be directing the sequel to the movie 'Wizard of Oz' that is 'Surrender Dorothy'. Drew was originally going to star in the film. But being too old, the star role of 'Never Been Kissed' was replaced Ellen Page.

Independent.co.uk reported yesterday, Thursday (05/20/2010) 35 years old actress has been picked 'Surrender Dorothy' for directed after previously working on the movie “Whip It!”.

The project sequel of the film was first announced in 2002 and working was postponed. But 'Surrender Dorothy' is still below the company of Warner Brothers, and Drew film production company, "Flower Films". Now the film will be re-done.

Drew was selected to play the role of Dorothy's great-granddaughter, but her appearance was considered too old. Then Ellen Page who starred in the movie “Whip It!” was chosen because the age is closer to the main character's age.

Scenario 'Surrender Dorothy' was written by Zach Helm. The film tells the story of Dorothy's great-grandson who must learn how to use the power of the ruby red slippers to prevent the evil witch has power over the planet and Oz.

Apart from 'Surrender Dorothy', there are also some sequel to 'Wizard of Oz' which also will be produced other Hollywood stars.

'Avatar' Sued with Plagiarism Allegation

Again, box office movie 'Avatar' sued to court. A novelist from San Diego doubt the originality of the story 'Avatar', written by James Cameron. He claims the story of 'Avatar' lifted from the novel that he wrote “Sheila the Warrior: The Damned “.

Kelly Van, novelist, had filed a lawsuit in California court against James Cameron, Fox, and film producers of Avatar. As reported by Reuters, Thursday (05/20/2010), Kelly sued Cameron cs violate copyright books which he published in 2003.

Kelly still can not indicate how the filmmaker was able to trace the story of his novels. But affirmed, the stories 'Avatar' truly exactly the same as the novel of Kelly. From the start characters, settings, storyline, visual effects, scenes, concepts, and even emotional elements.

Sheila character in the novel of Kelly's tells about a woman who traveled to the planet is incredibly beautiful, peaceful, and a good ecosystem. He made a pact with a group of people who intend to destroy the planet if they no longer can control their mineral on the planet.

However, Sheila then fell in love with the local population. This story certainly sounds very familiar with the 'Avatar'. However, Kelly was awaiting a decision and the maximum compensation according to law.

Previously, not only Kelly was a protest the story of Cameron's originality, he was one of the few people who also questioned the authenticity of the story 'Avatar'.

Author from China, Zhou Shaomou, eg, also has sued Cameron with similar accusations. He claimed the plot of the film “Avatar” almost similar to the story of science fiction books he wrote, 'Tale of the Blue Crows', which is published online in 1997.

Zhang Ziyi - Aaron Kwok Become AIDS Couples in the Film "Life Is A Miracle"

Actress Zhang Ziyi will be re-emerges through the film 'Life Is A Miracle'. In the film, star of 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon ", it will act as a sufferer of AIDS / HIV.

'Life Is A Miracle' is a love story couple of AIDS patients. Zhang will play as the beloved of actor and singer Aaron Kwok Hong Kong. Filming is still ongoing. Films with a budget of 20 million yuan or US$ 3 million that will be released in late 2010.

Zhang said was willing to play in China film such as admire the director, Chen Kaige and Zhang Yimou.

"We met several years ago, but always missed the opportunity to be able to work together again," Zhang said in a press conference 'A Tale of Magic' as reported by the Hollywood Reporter, Wednesday (19/05/2010).

Besides women born February 9, 1979 was also like a film story sympathetic to people with AIDS / HIV. For Zhang, the deadly disease sufferers also have the right feel the love. "Everyone needs love and be loved," said Zhang.

Zang Ziyi began her career as an actress through the film 'The Road Home' plots Zhang Yimou. Zhang Ziyi increasingly global careers through bestselling kung fu movie "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" directed by Ang Lee.

Alexandra Gottardo a Mother Who Suffered in the Film "Tanah Air Beta"

Actress Alexandra Gottardo has a role to be a mother of two children for the film “Tanah Air Beta”. Not just an ordinary mother, she must learn how to be mother who are suffering.

"I played a mother who suffers, but may not indicate that pain. Let the children know that their mother was fine. Pretending to be tough but her heart suffered. It is to be learned," explained Alexandra.

But the greatest difficulty of Sandra in the production film of Nia Zulkarnaen was not in her role as a mother. Instead she found it difficult when it comes to studying the dialect of East Nusa Tenggara.

"The most difficult is the dialect is hard," said Alexandra encountered in launching a comic 'Tanah Air Beta' at Planet Hollywood, South Jakarta, Thursday (05/20/2010) night.

Lucky in the film titled “Tanah Air Beta”, Alexandra, accompanied by teacher to explore the role of dialects. When will filming in the area of Atambua , Tyo Nugros’s ex-girlfriend was given the opportunity for reading.

Initially difficult indeed, but Alexandra was trying to learn all the maximum within a short time. She is even proud to be part of the film.

Keith Martin Produced Newcomer Indonesian Singer

Can cooperate with Indonesian people, always a special delight for musician of Keith Martin. The singer hits 'Because of You' is now as producer of new entrants.

Soraya Hylmi soon will release a mini album. In the album, Keith's role as producer-songwriter as well. Soraya and Keith is also a duet in a song entitled 'I Give You Me'.

"At first he just wanted to make a duet song. But finally he made the two songs again. He who creates, composer to the producer," said Soraya when talked to in East Mall Grand Indonesia, Central Jakarta, Thursday (05/20/2010).

Soraya who claimed to work as a presenter could not believe myself when will work with Keith. But Keith was a genius in her eyes. All so maybe after being with Keith. This album will be released next July.

"I really challenged for the project. I love it. I love working with Indonesian artists," said Keith.

Keith has 13 times to visit Indonesia. He claimed to love anything that smells of Indonesia. He was even thinking of moving into the ground water. Keith meeting with Soraya will be new projects for him. Once before he had a duet with Agnes Monica. Soraya also regard it as a blessing.

"I was not able to completely instrument. Never vocal learning. I just like to sing it," said Soraya.

ST12 Release New Album The Fourth, 'Pangeran Cinta'

Success with three previous albums, ST12 band released their new album. Because the album was considered to have deep feelings of love, they call it the 'Pangeran Cinta'.

"The concept is still the Malays. But with different packaging. There are really rock, there's really Malays, there is also a themed disco," says Charly, the vocalist, met at the Hard Rock Cafe, Central Jakarta, Thursday (20 / 5 / 2010).

As a mainstay hits, ST12 chose the song 'Aku Padamu'. The song is a duet sung with vocal trio formed by Charly, Charly's Angel.

"The single is the most universal. Could love to anybody," said Charly.

In this album, they also dedicate the song 'Setiaku' to their fans who called STSetia. While the song 'Sayyidina' is a religious song tells about the prophet of Muhammad.

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Cinderella Ready to Return to Widescreen

Success with 'Alice in Wonderland', Disney intends to appoint another classic fairy tale to the big screen. The Story of Cinderella and the glass slipper had been selected as their next project.

As reported by Deadline, Wednesday (05/19/2010), Disney will be working on a real version of 'Cinderella'. Aline Brosh McKenna who previously successfully passed several romantic comedies, like 'The Devil Wears Prada' and '27 Dresses' has been appointed to write the script.

Meanwhile, the producer 'Jumper' and 'X-Men: First Class' Simon Kinberg was in charge of the film project. However, Disney has not been able to decide who will fill the position of director until recently.

Disney released the animated movie 'Cinderella' first time in 1950 ago. Until now, the story of a woman who lives miserable with her stepmother had been adapted into several movies. Among other things, 'Ever After' and 'A Cinderella Story'.

Just to remind, 'Cinderella' is a fairy tale written by French author Charles Perrault. Born on 12 January 1628, he also wrote a fairy tale 'Sleeping Beauty' and 'Puss in Boots'.

Jason Castro Folk Pop Music - List of Self-Titled Debut Album Tracks Jason Castro

Jason Castro is eliminated after the top four of the arena 'American Idol' in 2008. Jason is consistent with the folk-pop music, is now releasing his first album.

Album under the Warner Music label entitled self-titled debut. Cheerful and mellow tones incorporated in the total of 14 tracks in it. All tracks sung dreadlocked guy with acoustic guitar accompaniment.

Its flagship single 'Let's Just Fall in Love Again' is packaged in two versions. Full version sounded relaxed fun. Such as video clips in which Jason was playing with his beloved wife on the beach. While the acoustic version more soul because really only acoustic guitar accompaniment.

Recommended song from this album are 'If I Were You'. There was a peaceful and 'You Can Always Come Home' with a mellow tone and lyrics deadly.

Jason displays his religious side of the song 'Hallelujah'. Reflections songs that are not too patronizing. Do not miss the song 'Over the Rainbow' which had brought Jason on the Idol stage also participate. With a bandage choir and banjo.

List of Self-Titled Debut Album Tracks Jason Castro:
• Let's Just Fall in Love Again
• This Heart of Mine
• That's What I'm Here For
• Heart of Stone
• If I Were You
• You Can Always Come Home (Feat. Serena Ryder)
• Love Uncompromised
• Closer
• All Wrapped Up
• It Matters to Me
• Hallelujah
• Let's Just Fall in Love Again (Acoustic Version)
• Sweet Medicine
• Over the Rainbow

Greyson Change Candidate Rival of Justin Bieber

Los Angeles - At a young age, Justin Bieber has chance to get a recording contract and pursue his career. But Justin had to prepare with his new rival, Greyson Change.

Greyson may not yet as popular as Justin now. But he predicted a lot of talented as a kid. Greyson age is 12 years old now and he might be able to capture the contract the album soon.

Like Justin, Greyson began his career via YouTube. He posted his action which was singing and playing piano rendition of 'Paparazzi' belongs to Lady Gaga. Within three weeks, the video was watched by almost 19 million people.

Quoted by The Sun, Thursday (05/20/2010), Greyson has three years to learn to play piano autodidact. Greyson also get a chance to appear on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show,' some time ago.

Not unexpectedly, he can talk via phone with his idol, Lady Gaga. Looked shocked Greyson painted on the faces when he heard the Lady say hello. The singer hits the 'Telephone' that was giving a little advice for Greyson.

"You are very sweet and very talented. I'm glad you brought the song 'Paparazzi'. Everyone loves you, continue to pursue your dreams, work hard and stay away from the girls," said Lady.

Greyson was in high school in Edmond Middle School in Oklahoma. Because more young, of course, Greyson has body size smaller than Justin. But he had a haircut similar to the singer hits 'Baby' is.

When interviewed Ellen had seen several times Greyson tossed his hair. At each appearance on YouTube, Greyson looked comfortable wearing a T-shirt and shorts.

One again, Greyson has a better voice had a tone bass than Justin. Does Greyson will be lucky like Justin? Let's wait!

Mama Lauren Profile Biography a Forecaster, From Divination Married, Divorced, Up Close Age

Biodata Mama Lauren, profil, and biography a forecaster who do not want to be called as a psychic. Who does not know Mama Lauren. Predictions made most people recognize her as a reliable psychic. Starting from the artists, public figures until the officials had consulted her. Now women's full name Laurentia Pasaribu has gone.

Mama Lauren's last breath on Monday (8/17/2010) night at 21:37 pm because she was suffering from lung disease. Previously, the Dutch-born clairvoyant, January 23, 1932 has repeatedly stroke attack.

At every turn of the year, Mama Lauren received a lot of subscription from various media and infotainment that asks the artist's life predictions. No doubt, saying of Mama Lauren sometimes make unpredictable artist who became palpitate. There are predictable divorced, married, career dimmed, even dies.

Not only predict the artist, natural disaster predictions were not spared from Mama Lauren. Like an earthquake, tsunami in Aceh and so forth. Also how Indonesian politics in the future also be monitoring the eyes of Mama Lauren. No wonder, if her clients are reportedly among government officials.

On one occasion, Mama Lauren had predicted would be the president who resigned in 2010. Is President SBY? Unfortunately, Mama of forecaster who do not want called this psychic did not elaborate who the president is.

Michael Bolton Concert for Peace to Jakarta Amazing Show

Jakarta - When a man loves a woman
Can't keep his mind on nothing else
He'll trade the world
For the good thing he's found

Excerpts initial stanza Michael Bolton hits 'When Man Loves a Woman' above make the hot Pacific Places Hall Jakarta. The songs are indeed the mainstay American singer without a direct command to make thousands of spectators stood. Boisterous audience was not spared.

Moreover, while singing that song, Bolton suddenly in the middle of the audience with casual wear makeup, wearing a dark colored shirt and jeans. All the guests stood up and sang a song which became involved in this concert mainstay.

Begins with the song 'Soul Provider' at around 20:30 pm, Monday (5/17/2010), the man who in the early appearance of wearing a dark suit and white shirt combined with blue jeans is immediately made thousands of spectators in hysterics. "Good evening Jakarta," Bolton shouted applause greeted an audience dominated by middle-aged men and women of this.

The audience became more and more 'wild' when Bolton singing the second song 'To Love Somebody'. Nearly all the spectators who attend come sing the song that was so familiar to the ear music lovers homeland.

Not infrequently, Bolton also invites the audience to interact. Moreover, there are also some mischievous spectators who say "I love you" to the white-haired man. "I love you too," Bolton replied that greeted the audience laughter.

Bolton also had time to bring one spectator up on stage to sing a duet with him. At a pause the song suddenly there was screaming female audience to sing one song of Bolton.

"Want to go up on stage singing with me," Bolton told the crowd greeted the woman and was again greeted by audience laughter.

Not just displays the golden voice, Bolton also appeared to play guitar. It was also seen with a loud voice, which he plucked strings also no less beautiful.

In the middle of the concert, Bolton had time to introduce some band members that he stretcher to Jakarta. One of the original personnel of Copenhagen, the Danish are adept at blowing the saxophone.

More than 20 songs were sung, Bolton still appears excellent. He looks very fit. In fact, several times he seemed to jump when the end of a song.

Not only the general public are watching this concert. Many are also among the artists who attended the meet Pacific Place Hall. Several artists, including Maia, Judika 'Idol' and Titiek Puspa attend concert, with the most expensive ticket price is Rp 5 million. Looks OC Kaligis also a senior lawyer with a young partner who attended the concert.

Some songs are sung by Bolton include 'Hope It's Too Late', 'You Don't Know Me', 'Nessun Dogma', 'That's a Life'. When sang the song 'New York', Bolton praised Jakarta. He recounts, New York is a city that is very special, as well as Jakarta.
"Jakarta is a very specific city in the world," he said.

The concert that lasted about two hours was closed by the song 'Georgia' at around 22:10 pm. The audience was satisfied with the appearance of a man who previously also had a concert in Jakarta. Original Production as this promotor making increasingly slick concert with a sound stage and lighting is perfect.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Taylor Swift Achieves Best Singer Award Again

Chicago - Recently, the pop singer Taylor Swift add to the collection appreciation. NARM Music Business Association gave the award for Best Singer to singer 'Love Story' it.

Reported by Contact Music, Monday (19/05/2010), NARM choose Swift because she was contributing enough to the United States music industry today. Swift considered to restore the glory of the pop music of this country in 2010.

"We are proud to provide awards for her creativity is very high," said Jim Donio, president of NARM.

Until recently, she was 20 years old singer has been gathering awards 62nd. In the event of Grammy Award in 2010, the album 'Fearless' of Swift was released in 2008 became the Best Album.

The album also successfully sold up to 10 million copies in worldwide. It also makes Swift who advanced to play musical instruments are crowned as the biggest-selling singers in the United States.

Justin Bieber Got a Little Bird Tattoos

Los Angeles - Have a tattoo seems it was compulsory at the family of Bieber. Singer of Justin Bieber have any mention of small bird tattoo in the trunk bones.

Two photos tattoo of Justin circulating on the internet. One photo he is seen making his tattoo and another topless show Justin a stroll on the beach in Sydney, Australia.

MTV launched, Wednesday (19/05/2010), according to the photographer who took the picture, it is a tattoo of a small bird in flight. Meanwhile, a spokesman of Justin has not commented on the news.

The Singer “Baby”was reportedly he made a tattoo in the studio Son of a Gun in Toronto. Father of Justin, Jeremy Jack Bieber had accompanied his beloved son.

Reportedly the Bieber family members must have had tattoos even though its small size. Justin's fans to comment on Twitter pros and cons. The majority considers this cool. But the rest is not worthy of mention Justin tattooed considering he was still 16 years old.

Kate Moss Photos Auctioned – Hot Foto Kate Moss by a Photographer of Albert Watson

London - Supermodel Kate Moss posing nude frequently enough. But this time, pose naked considered very special. Moss photos that will be auctioned and sold for predicted 30 thousand pounds or approximately Rp 389 million.

The photos are considered special because it was taken by renowned photographer Albert Watson in 1993. In the world of fashion, the name of Watson was well respected as a photographer classy.

"There are people who collect pictures of Watson. With Kate Moss, has become so commercial pictures and good for investment," says one expert from the auction house Christie's photography, Alexander Montague-Sparey, as reported by Telegraph Wednesday (19 / 5 / 2010).

There are about a dozen Moss posed nude photos that will be auctioned at Christie's. In the photo shots that Watson, the British model looks posed by sitting on the sand. Intimate parts of her body, she covered with her feet.

"Previously there was the shooting that raised and sold 50 thousand pounds," explained Montague-Sparey again.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dian Sastro Married with a Dowry of Gold 18.5 Grams – Mas Kawin Dian Sastro

Jakarta - A contract to marry a movie star '3 Doa 3 Cinta', Dian Sastrowardoyo and entrepreneur of Indraguna Sutowo held Tuesday (05/18/2010) at Dharmawangsa Hotel, Jakarta. Indra married to Dian with a dowry of gold 18.5 grams and a set of tools for prayer.

Indra dowry for Dian was revealed when the marriage contract ceremony emcee these lovebirds. The procession of the marriage contract is now underway in the ballroom of Dharmawangsa Hotel.

Dian and Indra marriage ceremony presided by the leader AH Sobari. Dian will be married by his uncle who became guardian illegitimate, Aswin Sastrowardoyo.

Witnesses from the party Lux ad star is Iwan Joesoef. While the party of Indraguna, that a witness is the uncle, businessman of Pontjo Sutowo.

Before the marriage ceremony, the ceremony began with prayers readings and followed by Ladrak Wilujeng. In that event, the prospective bridegroom, handed over to the families of prospective brides.

Indraguna looks stout with the Central Javanese traditional clothes. The atmosphere was very strong marriage contract with Javanese custom.

In the marriage contract, Dian will not be there beside Indraguna. She will sit side by side with Indra after otherwise valid marriage contract.

Before the marriage ceremony, the event is also preceded by the reading of holy Qur’an verses. Star movies “Ada Apa Dengan Cinta” was the one who become the reader of the Qur'an. While the essence of the recitations is Tessa Sastrowardoyo.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Shock of the New Era: A Complete Package B2ST

Do not just look cool and handsome face appearance of the personnel boyband from South Korea, B2ST aka Beast. Their voice and songs deserve thumbs up.

B2ST came through their second album 'Shock of the New Era'. Total 10 tracks on this album sung by Korean. But certainly, though not understand what is chanted, you could be swayed by it.

Like the first track 'Beast is the B2ST', The boy band is consisting of six men fashionable where they serve song with the duration 1:31 seconds as an introduction. R & B nuances that slightly rock flow. They also included the single 'Bad Girl' and 'Mystery' which popular through their first album. Although this album is called falsifies the previous album.

'Shock' is the first their single album with filled electric shades. Dance and rock in a container. Other songs are also worthy of scrutiny. 'Easy' is more mellow than others, but R & B elements remain embedded.

Overall, 'Shock of the New Era' practically no less okay from the album 'My Worlds' of Justin Bieber. Both got beat and tone that is easy to digest.

Occasionally try to hunting their clip video. The personnel of B2ST have the ability to dance that is not be doubted. Also peep the way how they dress.

List of track album 'Shock of the New Era' B2ST:

1. Beast is the B2ST
2. Bad Girl
3. Just Before Shock
4. Shock
5. Take Care of My Girlfriend (Say No)
6. Special
7. Yet
8. Mystery
9. Easy
10. Oasis

Arumi Bachsin Profile Biography Sexy Girl Model Sinetron Hot Artist Foto Picture

Biodata Arumi Bachsin, profil and biography sexy model beautiful girl hot artist of Indonesia :
Full name : Arumi Bachsin
Nick name/celeb name : Arumi Bachsin
Sex : Female
Religion : Islam
Place of birth : Jakarta, Indonesia
Date of birth : February 19, 1994

Arumi Bachsin was born in Jakarta, February 19, 1994 is a newcomer artist of Indonesia, who bounced her name fast enough. Her interest in the entertainment world stems from her participation in the world of modeling since the age of 12 years.

The couple's daughter of Rudy Bachsin and Maria Lilian Pesch began her career in the entertainment world by becoming the star ad of AS Card Telkomsel. Furthermore, the path to soap star for the artist who was once a model of beauty products and hair of Elith dan Miraton is increasingly wide open.

Arumi who aspire to be a psychologist began playing in the sinetron early marriage, KAWIN MUDA, BUKAN CINDERELLA, AZIZAH and CHELSEA. The Artis of Palembang -Dutch descent is trying their luck in the world of film, with roles in the film BESTFRIEND in the year 2008.

Lover of pool sport also includes artist who have good achievement in school. While in junior high school, she enrolled in junior class acceleration Tirta Buaran. But stepping on a bench in high school, this shrimp food buff artist chose homeschooling to anticipate a solid shooting schedule.

Arumi increasingly proving her action in the entertainment world. She expanded the world of presenter. Her debut as a presenter at bringing a music show HIP HIP HURA.

Not only as presenter, Arumi increasingly steady career in acting. She is believed to be major actress in the movie PUTIH ABU-ABU DAN SEPATU, which is the premiere on the big screen debut.

In 2010, Arumi starred many video clips and play for her second film. She had the opportunity to play at 18 + movies that aired on January 26, 2010.

Hot Photos Arumi Bachsin and Arumi Bachsin Sexy Foto Picture

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Jupe: Dangdut is the Best for Indonesia

Rapid growth of Indonesian music and many foreign musicians who looked to come to this country. According to Jupe, dangdut remains the best for Indonesia.

"I'm very proud of dangdut music. Dangdut is the best for Indonesia," said Jupe encountered in concert Pitbull, Tennis Indoor Senayan, South Jakarta, Wednesday (05/12/2010) ahead of midnight.

Jupe is candidating as the Regent of Pacitan saw that dangdut music increasingly abandoned. But the singer hits “Belah Duren” did not give up so easily.

Star Movies 'Hantu Jamu Gendong' was sure that if dangdut music will continue to survive in the ground water. Although the pop and rock music genre preferred and the foreign musicians to arrive.

"So did every musical that's got their own fans. The important thing is we are as a singer and musicians of Indonesia do not stop creating," said Jupe.

Pitbull Concert in Jakarta Flood Adrenaline

Rapper Pitbull knows how to pamper his fans in Jakarta. The concert that lasted for sixty minutes was flooded with adrenaline more than 4,500 spectators.

The concert took place at the Tennis Indoor Senayan, Wednesday (05/12/2010) night at 20:00 pm with opening act of Saykoji. At 21:46 pm after a sound check, Pitbull emerged.

Bald-headed rapper were immediately opened the concert without much ado. He continues to indulge the audience with the hits songs also dances the rapper.

Hysterical screams be heard in every minute action. Especially at 22:29 pm when the song 'I Know You Want Me' chanted. Pitbull immediately take leave from the stage.

"Thanks for the fans in Indonesia," he said crisply.

All the audience cheered his name and asked Pitbull back. Soon he sauntered into the stage and immediately brought the song 'Hotel Room Service'. Increasingly hysterical audience.

"If there are no fans then there is no Pitbull. Thanks Jakarta, God bless, good night," the lid and passed.

Nothing special with the layout of the stage. Only a black backdrop and lighting standard overseas concert musicians. But Pitbull makes the show special. Likewise sound. Just a little noisy to spur the spirit of the audience.

Can be ascertained during a concert promoter who worked on the JAVA Musikindo, the audience sing along. They also straddle said, waving their hands. All swaying to the rhythm. I know you want me ...

Slank Prepare for Slanker Wangi Surprise at the Hard Rock Café

The rock band group Slank will be back on stage in 'I Like Monday' at the Hardrock Cafe, Monday (17/05/2010). For the concert, Slank has prepared a surprise especially for women Slanker aka Slanker Wangi.

"This is for Slanker Wangi. Slankers women who are afraid to come into the field. So they can enjoy in our cafe," says drummer Slank, Bimbim, in Slank press conference for the event 'I Like Monday', at the Hard Rock Cafe, Plaza EX, MH Thamrin Street, Jakarta, Wednesday (12/05/2010).

In concert later, the group with personnel Kaka, Bimbim, Ivan, Ridho and Abdee will play acoustic. Slank will appear for 1.5 hours with 20 songs. Slank long songs that top and popular will follow play. "I'll like, we will surely give a surprise," said Kaka, the vocalist.

Shown in the acoustic cafe, Slank sure it is not difficult. Shown in the cafe actually benefited from the aspect of a more clear sound system. In addition, the group with hits 'Kuil Cinta' will get closer to fans.

Shown in 'I Like Monday' seemed like nostalgia for Slank. This group had previously performed at this event in 1997 and 2006.

The Reason of Kerispatih Choose Fandy Santoso!

Indonesian Idol top five finalist in 2007, Fandy Santoso, was elected as the new vocalist Kerispatih. Why did Fandy selected among thousands of other applicants?

At a press conference at the office of Nagaswara, Jl. Johar, Menteng, Central Jakarta, Wednesday (12/05/2010), keyboard of Kerispatih, Badai answer people's curiosity about Fandy. Spoken, male was pure Jember selected through auditions

"He was selected from five thousand sending a demo. Of the 100 people taken last eight. He is eventually chosen, it's very draining," said Badai, keyboard of Kerispatih.

In the eyes of Badai, Fandy almost like Sammy, he has a sound with elements of R & B. However, R & B elements in the sound Fandy is not too condensed like Sammy.

"Actually we are not looking for a vocalist like Sammy because Sammy is legendary in Kerispatih and irreplaceable," he continued.

Besides having a voice that fit the R & B, Fandy selected for their taste responsibilities. According to Badai, each was asked to learn a song, born 26 April 1985 it must do well.

"I felt a burden to replace Sammy. But let me emphasize here, I just fill in the blanks of a band. I do not have the same with Sammy. I did not replace Sammy. Let Sammy with exceptional quality and I am with my character," says a guy who claims be Kerispatih fans since he was attending college.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Soundtrack Album Track List 'Eclipse'

Soundtrack became one of the important elements of supporting the film. Once the filler soundtrack 'Twilight' and 'New Moon' so the spotlight, here it is joined on the soundtrack of 'Eclipse'.

Muse band touted as the best musician in the album's highlights. They contributed a new song entitled 'Neutron Star Collision (Love is Forever)'. The song will be a single reliable.

Band affair of Jack White, The Dead Weather also gives one a new song titled “Rolling in On a Burning Tire”. Vampire Weekend came up with the song 'Jonathan Low'.

The third movie soundtrack album 'Twilligt' was planned to be released on 8 June. The movie will then be released to the public on June 30, 2010. Similarly told NME, Thursday (05/13/2010).

Muse previously also been involved in the soundtrack to the 'New Moon' by the song 'I Belong to You'. Paramore, Thom Yorke and The Killers have time to fill the soundtrack, starring Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart had previously.

Soundtrack album track list 'Eclipse' :

• Metric - Eclipse (All Yours)
• Muse - Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever)
• The Bravery - Ours
• Florence And The Machine - Heavy In Your Arms
• Sia - My Love
• Fanfarlo - Atlas
• The Black Keys - Chop And Change
• The Dead Weather - Rolling In On A Burning Tire
• Beck And Bat For Lashes - Let’s Get Lost
• Vampire Weekend - Jonathan Low
• UNKLE (Featuring The Black Angels) - With You In My Head
• Eastern Conference Champions - A Million Miles An Hour
• Band Of Horses - Life On Earth
• Cee-Lo Green - What Part Of Forever
• Howard Shore - Jacob's Theme

Choky Sitohang Profile Biography Sexy Man Macho Actor and Presenter Model Hot Artist Foto Video Picture

Biodata Choky Sitohang, profil and biography sexy macho man music presenter hot artist of Indonesia :
Full name : Binsar Choky Victory Sitohang
Nick name/celeb name : Choky Sitohang
Sex : Male
Place of birth : Bandung, West Java, Indonesia
Date of birth : July 10, 1982

Choky Sitohang widely known as a sports presenter and music. Men born in Bandung, July 10, 1982 was beginning his career as a newsreader as well as reporter / journalist on a private television station in 2002.

Choky which is more like being a presenter than a journalist, often follow the casting as a presenter. Mid-2005, Choky could eventually become a presenter CEPETAN DONG reality show program. Unfortunately, only seven episodes, Choky was suffering from hepatitis A and had to take medical treatment. He also breaks for six months.

After recovering, Choky starts again from zero for a career as a presenter to host the MY WORLD in JakTV program. Choky's name began to climb after bringing on GOOD MORNING ON THE WEEKEND program with Ferdy Hasan. EURO 2008 event was the one who contributed to throw his name. Although previously Choky has been a presenter LA Football (SPAIN), FA Cup and the Italian league.

In addition to sport events, Choky also hosted other events, like DAHSYAT (RCTI), STARDUT 2 (Indosiar), HITS MUSIC (RCTI), SING A SONG, as well as several award shows such as the Indonesian Movie Award in 2008 and Puteri Indonesia 2008.

In addition to the presenter, Choky penetrated into the acting world. In 2007, he starred in a movie SANG DEWI.

In love relationships, Choky love relationship with Melissa Ariani. He intends to make as his wife Melissa in 2010, according to the ideals of her childhood, to marry at the age of 28 years.

The presenter of TAKE ME OUT INDONESIA and HAPPY SONG was back again on the big screen. He played in the film SUKA SAMA SUKA (2009).

Success in the field of presenter, Choky under its wings for testing the field of business. And the choice fell on the field of food. He opened a health bakery that gave the name of Hoshi Bread.

Hot Photos Choky Sitohang and Choky Sitohang Sexy Foto Picture

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Angel Karamoy Profile Biography Sexy Women Sinetron Model Hot Artist Foto Video Picture

Biodata Angel Karamoy, profil and biography sexy beautiful women hot actress of Indonesia :
Full name : Angelina Karamoy
Nick name/celeb name : Angel Karamoy
Sex : Female
Place of birth : Manado, Indonesia
Date of birth : January 16, 1987

Angelina Karamoy or more commonly known by the name Angel Karamoy was born in Manado, January 16, 1987. These beautiful women began publicly recognized when replacing Marshanda as Lala in the soap opera BIDADARI. In addition to BIDADARI, Angel had starred in the sinetron AKU DAN DIA, SARAS, PELANGI DI MATAMU 2, DEMI CINTA, HATI DI PUCUK PELANGI, and ADA APA DENGAN PELANGI.

Apart from sinetron, Angel also be advertising stars Ovale, Homyped, Sido Muncul, Hansaplast, and candy Hot-Hot Pop.

Angel was married to Steven Mc James Rumangkang, Manado origin man whose age was 15 years adrift with Angel. Steven himself had previously been dating the singer Maribeth, and Angelina Sondakh.

Wedding reception of Angel - Steven was held in Assembly Hall, Jakarta Convention Center (JCC) on January 26, 2008. The wedding was also attended by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and Vice President Jusuf Kalla said to cost Rp 2 billion.

On February 28, 2008, a month after their wedding was held, Angel gave birth to baby girl, Lovely Maria Rumangkang. According to Angel's mother, before they were married in April of 2007, and forced marriage news was hidden because Angel is prohibited for pregnant and married first by the management.

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